1776 Apush Dbq Analysis

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The events from the years 1765 through 1776 demonstrate a growth in frustration in the colonies that eventually led to the independence of the United States. The events throughout this time continue even today to prove that loyal British citizens transformed into rebellious American patriots because they were repeatedly pushed around and betrayed by their government and through resolutions from england about taxation that led to colonial complaints and eventually rising violence in the colonies, and eventually solidarity between the colonists. Loyal British citizens transformed into rebellious American patriots because of the taxes put forth by their government in England. At the end of the French and Indian war, there were 10,000 British…show more content…
Maintaining large numbers of troops was extremely expensive and forces of this size were needed to keep people safe from the French and their Native American allies . By the end of the war, the British found themselves in debt of 140 million pounds so Parliament decided to increase the amount of taxes on the Colonists. A tax on paper goods known as the Stamp act greatly upset the colonists because they felt like the tax was pointless. Many everyday goods were taxed including paper,tea,tobacco,and sugar. Their frustration caused them to write a letter to King George III to express their disdain for the new taxes. The document was called the Stamp Act Resolution and was written by John Dickinson. It states, “The members of this Congress, sincerely devoted, with the warmest sentiments of affection and duty to His Majesty's Person and Government, inviolable attached to the present happy establishment of the Protestant succession, and with minds deeply impressed by a sense of the present and impending misfortunes of the British colonies on this continent; having considered as maturely as…show more content…
one event that shows the colonist acting against the British was the Boston massacre. The Boston Massacre Historical Society said that, British troops arrived at a scene. “It was the culmination of tensions in the American colonies that had been growing since Royal troops first appeared in Massachusetts”. colonist where vandalising a building. colonist then started throwing snowballs and sticks at soldiers. After a soldier was hit with a stick and was on the ground shots were fired from the British. “killing of five colonists”. This shows how angry the colonist were with the British. Another event where the colonist acted out was the Boston Tea Party. This act of defiance served as a protest against taxation. “Seeking to boost the troubled East India Company, British Parliament adjusted import duties with the passage of the Tea Act in 1773. While consignees in Charleston, New York, and Philadelphia rejected tea shipments, merchants in Boston refused to concede to Patriot pressure.” says US Historical events. On the night of December 16, 1773, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty boarded three ships in the Boston harbor and threw 342 chests of tea into the water. These events show that violence in the colonies was a leading role in loyal British citizens transforming into rebellious American
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