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What’s Next Career In my eyes fashion is not only about the brand I wear or the expenses I paid for, it’s about the thrill and utter excitement I experience rummaging through my closet searching for the perfect outfit. I view fashion as more than just a hobby, I survey it as my duty to inspire others to venture out and find their own personal style. The career I’ve chosen is a Retail Buyer. It is the task of a buyer to go off to trade conventions and look for clothing to display at their store. However it takes more than just shopping, it is their job to examine each article of fabric and decide whether it will capture the attention of the people, from that the buyer chooses if it will be sent out for the world to see or not. The buyers must also determine the price for each merchandise. Without retail buyers our sales rack would be empty and there would be nothing to sell. My goal in this paper is for the reader to better understand the road it takes in becoming a fashion buyer. Fashion merchandisers are the heart and soul of the fashion world. They keep tabs on the latest looks figuring out ways to fulfill the needs of their audience, and when the time is right they will show case up to the minute styles for the world to see and desire. Before jumping the gun and buying a merchandise, or choosing suppliers purchasers need to consider the price, quality, and availability of each item. “Buyers attend meetings, trade shows, and conferences to learn about new industry trends and make contacts with suppliers” ( A buyer must work out agreements with suppliers. “It is their job to analyze price proposals, financial reports, and other information to determine reasonable prices, and maintain and review records of items bought,... ... middle of paper ... ...harge. FIT offers their students internships which will give their students experience in that work field which as stated is very important in a retail buyers occupation. From dressing with the latest style, to going off to sellers trade shows and deciding what to display in stores, fashion merchandisers are the center for the fashion world. People are always looking for what the ins and outs are in fashion. There is never a day that you do not put thought into your appearance. If it wasn’t for fashion buyers the stores you shop at would not have clothing to sell to people. This research paper helped on informing the readers and giving them a view on what it is that retail purchasers do, how much their pay is, and allowed it’s reader to step into the daily life of a buyer. Retail buyers take on the fashion world and satisfy the human population with style and class.
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