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For the past several decades, globalization has been a hot topic and it also anticipates every aspect of the world to connect each other. Likewise, globalization also allows consumers to have more access to catch up with updated fashion. The advantages of globalization bring a new philosophy called fast fashion, which holds quick response time and enhanced design in fashion apparel industry. In this paper, I will deliver By exploring all the aspects of each system, I will conclude the reason why fast fashion becomes the mainstream of the fashion apparel industry, and use one particular brand, Zara, as an example to discover the impact on consumer behavior in detail. Finally I will make some comments on the future of fast fashion and what luxury brands will react to this circumstance…….. It is necessary to identify fashion and explain the systems apparel industry uses before I start explore the essentiality of fast fashion. According to, fashion is defined as the prevailing style or custom that is in a current mode and used to express oneself. It can be clothing, accessories, hair, etc. Why certain people like to frequently shop in malls and keep updating apparels in their closets every season? Form psychological perspective, people usually consider clothing as a symbol to show their values, personality and lifestyles to others. Critically, a rapid imaginative change and symbolic expression supports a sense people have about fashion. People believe that an ideal self-identity can be communicated to others through clothing, so figuring out how people make decision when they perceive clothing among different brands and understanding their needs and desires can help apparel industries expending and maintaining market s... ... middle of paper ... ... 1% of the $181 billion U.S. apparel market (Tiplady, 3). The potential growth of fast fashion will expend all over the country just like a flow. H&M got its sales boosted up about 20% in the first three months in 2006. Zara is also going In addition, since more shoppers are loading up on online shopping style when they can not spent time to shop because of busy work. Asos, an online market leader in the online shopping industry, announced that its sales of maxi-dresses and festival wear helped its sales has rose by 54% during the first quarter this year (Jessup). From this point, fast fashion could consider the possibility of online business and gain a share of the market. Frequent, limited-edition products, in-season design. Consumers tend to be more demanding and more arbitrary, so use appropriate strategy will be critical to all fast fashion retailers.

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