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Fueled by her keen fashion sense, Cassandra plans to investigate the field of fashion journalism with the hopes of one day working for E TV. Cassandra got the chance to interview Nina Garcia, her favorite fashion journalist, and asked her a questions about her career choice. She asked her about how she got into fashion, what her dream job was, how much internships she had, and much more. Nina Garcia is a fashion journalist from Columbia and has appeared on many television shows and magazines.

To start off the interview Cassandra asked Nina a basic question; ‘What was your dream job as a child?’ Nina said she loved fashion from the start and spent hours sketching. She told us that she never knew there were other type of jobs in fashion other …show more content…

Nina said at first she didn’t attend a school for fashion but she did eventually. ‘I went to Boston University. My father was very adamant that I needed a career that was not just fashion design. In a way, he was right. So I went to University, and I did liberal arts, and then after I finished I moved to New York, and I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (one of the biggest fashion schools in New York). I studied fashion and fashion merchandising. By then, I realized that I wasn’t cut out to be a designer.’ A follow up question Cassandra asked her was ‘Did your parents like fashion as much as you?’ and she said that her dad didn’t but her mom loved fashion just as much as her, if not more. She loved fashion and her closet was this oasis of color and shapes and prints and high-heeled shoes that I was dying to wear, and it was all in a walk in closet that I had no access to. So I think that that also peaked my interest, like when you can’t get in somewhere. I remember it was like Ali Baba’s cave! There was jewelry, and there were colors, and there were clothes, and heels, and all you want to do is go in

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