Essay On Family And Individuality

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Some People are good in a group and others are better off on their own, it just depends on their personality, social skills, morals, values, and attitude. Family is a word defined as a house hold, ones spouse, mom, dad, brother and sister. However family has so many more meanings. For instance, someone might say family is friendship, joy, love or perhaps anger, disagreement, or dysfunction. It really just depends on a person’s upbringing and home life to determine his or her idea of a family. A family may not even consist of any blood relatives at all, but the people a person hold near and dear to their heart. A family is a support system; its members are there for each other when they need someone’s help or guidance. To me family is Love,…show more content…
Individuality is not a bad thing some people just work better as one than as a group. If googled the definition of individuality is: the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked. In today’s society we are expected to conform to all the rules and trends, but there are always those who choose to be different and different is good, most of the time. Everyone has specific things that make them who they are and one of a kind. Being in a group (family) sometimes has a negative effect on one’s individuality. There are those who just follow the crowd and fit in and then there are the people who go all-out to lead the group and be themselves. Either way you look at it both family and individuality have their pros and…show more content…
Being in a family has its perks; you always have a shoulder to cry or a hand to help you up. A family is not just a person’s parents or siblings, a family is a group of people who care for each other and work together as a team to better the group as a whole. Being a part of a family is not always easy or fun it has its ups and downs just as anything does. For example two people may have two totally different opinions and begin to have an argument, the rest of the family then begins to weigh in on the situation, and the members begin to take sides and divide. Now a healthy and rational family will come to a mutual agreement and go on with their business. However , there are those dysfunctional families that will continue to feud and cause more conflict resulting in a split family with more issues than they began with. A University of California, Davis, study has found that youths who have positive relationships with their pa rents have a tendency to to have steady and satisfying relationships in their early adult marriages as well as romantic relationships. Researchers, who began studying 265 individuals in the 1990s, found that nurturing parents contributed to the future success of their children’s young adult romantic relationships. A family brings its member together and when people get together they can do anything. However being in a family can also prevent a person from being who they really want to
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