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Family is a word with diverse meaning. As stated by the Oxford Dictionary ( ” A family is a group of people consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.”) This is the most generic meaning of family in North America but this definition doesn 't comply with other cultures, for example, the African concept of family f states that “ Family is considered a basic cell of society. All social and cultural practices find their connection with a notion of family, either supporting or distorting it”. Family is a big part of what defines our family in our society. Our society is changing, we are transitioning to a new style of living which is isolating family tradition and practice. I (A child who grew up in Canada) have grown…show more content…
Freedom is the driving factor, we are no longer encouraged to settle down and have children at a young age. If we look back in Canadian history most families were created within the late teens early twenties of most people lives. This was due to the short life span, with the increased life span we are getting married later and having children later. Back then it was an embarrassment to be un married at the age of 21, it meant you weren’t good enough to bear a husband or wife. The lack of these unwritten rules is giving the average person more freedom to do what they please with out fear of being judged. We are taught to be open minded and to ignore stereotypes involving judgement, therefore it is easier for those who live alone. In this day in age you can do what ever you please and you supposedly should be judged for it, thus embracing individuality, unfortunately this stereotype of being normal embrace structure throughout Canadian societies. We are taught and reminded daily to be individuals. The biggest stereotype I can think of in regards to individuality is the push to be separate from your family. You are perceived be society as weak if you are reliant on your family, and you are perceived as strong if you are able to support yourself with out your family. If we reference the life goals of most North Americans, “ I want to grow up and start a family.” This is contradicting

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