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Marriage and Family What is a family? A family is two or more people consider themselves to be blood related, or related by marriage, or adoption. Our families are who we love. We as families look different in so many ways. A family’s caregiving unit might have a couple, a mother, a father, and children. A family could also be a single parent and child, a group of siblings, a small or large group of friends. A family defines itself in many different ways. Families are the foundation of how our society and how it works. It is how we come into the world and nurtured and given the tools that we need to go out into our world. We are both capable and healthy or not our families influence our lives either in a good way or a bad way. While families …show more content…

A divorce is a legal way to resolve a marriage in other words a divorce is an action between married people to terminate their marriage. It can also be called dissolution of marriage and is basically the legal action that ends a marriage before the death of a spouse. The legal separation of man and wife, affected, for cause, by the judgment of a court, and either totally dissolving the marriage relation, or suspending its effects as far as concerns the cohabitation of the parties. The dissolution is termed “divorce from the bond of matrimony,” or, in the Latin form of the expression, “a vinculo matrimonii” the suspension, “divorce from bed audboard,” “o mensa ct …show more content…

Family member love and nurture one another to be able to go out into the world. A marriage is a legal bond between two people and the future of this country depends on the future of marriages. There are more people who live in a cohabitation relationship then that are actually married. A divorce is the termination of a relationship between couples. Divorces can affect children many different ways from being high school drop out to career criminals. A divorce affects more than just the man and the woman in

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  • Explains that a family is two or more people consider themselves to be blood related or related by marriage, or adoption. families are the foundation of society and how it works.
  • Explains that marriage is based on that men and women are complementary to one another for reproduction, and children need a mother and father.
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