Family Essay: Defining A Family

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Family, a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Although family is a concretely defined term, the idea of family varies from person to person. But, what makes a family? For those who are surrounded by loving blood relatives, for those who have never known the one to grant them life, for those who have left their blood behind for a more loving and nurturing environment, what can commonly define a family? Family is something defined by the individual. Family includes those who you have come to love, whether platonically or romantically, those you have suffered with, those you have come to respect, and most importantly those you have cared for and in turn have cared for you. To one that could mean people who…show more content…
And, truly the question is fascinating, because no two families are the same. For one family there might be a dad and a mom, two kids. In another, the individual lives with his aunt and uncle, Peter Parker style. As demonstrated in mixed families, blood does NOT restrict a family. Even though one may be adopted or a step-child, they, in all hopes, are loved the same if not more than others in the family. There are no physical bounds to family. However, does family just stop there? Think about your family. Your guardians and siblings. Even your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. How do you feel towards them? What emotions do you feel when you see family member? Now, think of someone a little smaller, your pet. Think of your dog, cat, or even your fish, and think about that feeling of coming home after a long day and seeing your animal. The everlasting joy that fills you when you see them, or even the crippling grief that overcomes you when you lose a pet. Would you not consider your pet a part of your family? Just like other, human, family members your pets are important. You take care of them, and in turn they take care of you. As seen in the recent struggle with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, people have gone out of their way in order to provide comfort and accessible relief for their pets. Not many would go out of their way to this extent for an animal or person they considered less than family. You love them, and in return they love you
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