Essay On Childhood And Adulthood

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Childhood vs. Adulthood Childhood and adulthood are very different from each other, but they are both important times in our life. They include numerous factors that make them similar, and different. Although adults have freedom and financial independence, they also have jobs and responsibilities. Unlike children who are protected and financially cared for by their parents. This proves children have an easier lifestyle than adults, and don’t have much to worry about. Childhood is an episode where we are still growing up. They don’t have much to worry about. They are dependent on their parents/legal guardians for everything, could be smallest to the largest thing. They have no responsibilities because they always have someone looking after them, and taking care of their needs. As a child we must abide our parents and school rules. While traveling they must be accompanied by an adult, on a plane or to the corner store. Childhood is a period of innocence, we don’t face the difficulties in life. As children we don’t face the obstacles we face in adulthood. Children can understand difficult situations. Parents try to protect their children from unfriendly things, but this frustrates the kid. This makes it hard for them to face the real world later. But that cannot be protected for life because they will be introduced to the outside world. During childhood children have less skills. They can’t drive, or can’t solve complex math Caballero 2 problems. They find this very difficult to complete. But a child can learn a new language fluently faster then an adult. As a child you would have an allowance of $5-$10 each week and could whatever with it. This is a lot according to kids, but not adults. Adulthood is a time where we are all ... ... middle of paper ... ...we can provide the necessities. Growing up is a mix of physical, mental, and emotional behaviors. Everyone’s body changes, hormones will have a part in it. Mentally our brains are still developing, and our behaviors, attitudes, and opinions will change. Emotionally we will change, in situations, on people. Our maturity level is based on how a person acts and their behavior. Acting mature is acting adultlike. In the Webster Dictionary mature is defined as, “fully developed physically; full grown.” Becoming an adult is a life-cycle transition, but we must make the best out of it, and enjoy it. Children are grateful to be living and show it, which adults need to do. Adults don’t really appreciate until something bad happens, it shouldn’t be like that. Childhood is a great time of our life, but so is adulthood. They are both important times, and we must appreciate it.
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