Becoming An Adult Essay

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Valon Deliu

Becoming an adult, also known as young adulthood, is a very crucial stage in one’s life. This is the climax of physical and health processes. This is the point in life when we make plans of our futures. It is the time when we think of what life will be like as an adult and make plans for the future. Most importantly, it is when we lay the starting point for developmental changes that we will undergo throughout our lives. An adult is a person who is fully grown or developed. Some people believe that you become an adult when you are 18 years old, other believe you are an adult when you can legally buy and consume alcohol, that is, at age 21 in the United States. Others believe that you are an adult when you are supporting yourself
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This is a period when an individual is not an adult yet and at the same time, they are not an adolescent anymore either. This is the point in life where a person identifies who they really are and figure out which career path they will take. Different types of brain development continue, biological and physiological changes occur. Entering adulthood varies from country to country. For example, the average legal drinking age of all nations in earth is 18, but in the United States it is 21. On the other hand, in Germany a 14 year old can be drinking as long as they have consent from their parents or guardians. The average age to obtaining a licence is 18, in the U.S and in Canada you can receive it at 16. There is even a province in some states where you get your licence at the age of 14. The average voting age is 18. In Brazil and Argentina, the voting age is 16. Whereas in the country of Malaysia you must wait until you have reached the age of 21 to vote. As you can see, the ages vary…show more content…
Young adults think differently than adolescents and they have different views and opinions on things. During adulthood, an individual begins to discontinue their risky behaviors such as having sex without protection, driving recklessly, and playing dangerous sports. On the other hand, some people still continue this behavior while in adulthood but it is not common. Many people believe that the key sign of actually becoming an adult is financially supporting oneself. This step occurs sooner to the students who either do not attend college or do not finish high school. Students which go to college, this occurs to them later on in life. Establishing intimacy is the sixth step in Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, “intimacy versus isolation.” Once a person has established their own identity, they are prepared to establish a “shared identity” (intimacy) with another person. Men and women resolve intimacy issues very differently, for instance, some women establish intimacy by getting married and having children, before they actually establish their identity. Middle-aged women attending college are an example of these

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