Childhood And Adulthood Compare And Contrast

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Childhood and Adulthood are similar in learning, making their own decisions, and having goals in life. Childhood is the stage of being a child, obeying to their parents, still living with your family and growing up. Adulthood is when we are grown up by getting a job, learn lessons, moving away from their parents, getting married, and having kids. Childhood and Adulthood are both equally in learning by how each knowledge education helped them reach their goal. The personality that they experience is related to social skills in school determine success as adults that decades later. The knowledge that can come from formal education, but it can also come from socializing with other people in the world. Learning their lives. They both enjoy having…show more content…
They can dedicate to feel needed and have confidence in their abilities to motivate for themselves. They both learn that not all decisions have a right and positive outcome. They also learn from their process to make better decisions next time. Characteristics of life are meaningful who they are as a person. Also, the lesson that parents teach their children to be responsible. Learning that not all decisions have a right and positive outcome and both learn from their process to make better decisions next time. Knowing their ideas with their knowledge, they both decide their actions, aware of the consequences to some level. Adulthood has much more independence and can choose things like where they want to live and what job they will do. Their knowledge can come from formal education. When adults want something, one of the leading factors will be what others think about the decision they make. What they learn as a child and what they choose to remember as an adult will figure them into the human that they are. They will have their thoughts, actions, and idea too outstanding to them only. Equally, choosing things like where we want to live, what we want to do, and what job they will do. They determinant of how much freedom to have in made their own decisions and having their actions. Children run-through is making choices as they grow. Held responsible for their
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