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Becker defined Augmented Reality as the following: “Augmented Reality is a technology, a field of research, a vision of future computing, an emerging commercial industry and a new medium for creative expression.” (Becker, 2010) “Augmented Reality has the ability to give the user the sense of the real world, while interacting with the virtual and physical objects.” (Azuma, 1997). Augmented Reality has been used in a number of fields like in the military, in the fields of advertising, commercial fields, gaming fields and so on. It is still continuing to grow in an emerging pace. Heads-Up Displays (HUD) are now used in many aircrafts so as to display information on the screen without needing the driver to cause distraction or to move their attention from the road. It was in the 1950’s that the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough started the Development of Heads-Up Displays for military flights. (Quarrington, 1966) Battlefield Augmented Reality System also known as BARS which was developed by Julier et al., provided the soldiers at the battle field with a clear view of the situational awareness. This system was built in so has to help with the various difficulties that the soldiers face on-site such as the lack of visibility, ineffective communications, friend or foe identification and so on (Julier et al., 2000). But the developers of this systems faced with a number of challenges such as: • “X-Ray Vision / Depth Perception: When AR system was being built, one of its main agendas was to allow users to view objects which have been obstructed by real world objects. This was achieved by showing the position of the obstructed object. However such a system had its own problems. First of all, the alignment of virtual object... ... middle of paper ... ...s have strong faith when they talk about augmented reality and its application in the future. When relating with augmented reality on portable devices such as smartphones, Carmigniani & Furht supports this and has their view being “Smartphones are extremely portable and widespread, and with the recent advances present a combination of powerful CPU, camera, accelerometer, GPS and solid state compass, making them a very promising platform for augmented reality” (Carmigniani & Furht, 2011). Juniper Research has concluded that there will be a rapid progression which will be consistent for smartphones that will be capable of handling augmented reality applications. Total Immersion, which is one of the AR solution inventor, expressed their views on this and were very positive about augmented reality in becoming an integral part on mobile devices (Total Immersion, 2011).

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