Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Warming

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Carbon is one of the important element in our life. It may be used to studying dead organisms or used in fire extinguisher and dry ice. Carbon gives many advantages in our life, however it also causes serious global problems like Global warming. Carbon`s compound, Carbon dioxide is the major reason of Global warming. Greenhouse gases trap the heat in earth`s atmosphere and therefore causes the earth`s temperature to rise.

To begin with, Carbon is a chemical element, which is like Hydrogen, Oxygen and other elements in the periodic table. It has a symbol of “C” and it is located in group 14, period 2, and it is located on the right side of the periodic table because it is a non-metal. Carbon has 6 electrons and 6 protons, has 4 valence electrons,
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Global warming is also called as climate change, when temperature rise more than usual. Earth is getting hotter, temperature in arctic is decreasing and many animals` habitats are disappearing. The results from the effects of global warming is called greenhouse effect. CO2, Methane, Water vapor, nitrous oxide, and ozone are the examples of green house gases. The greenhouse gases is to allow heat to enter the enclosure easily but it doesn`t let the radiation to go back to atmosphere. The ray that enters the atmosphere`s wavelength is short and when it enters, the greenhouse gases take heat from these rays and it increases the temperature. Also the heat will be unable to go out the atmosphere because infrared rays have longer wavelength. Power plant is the major reason of carbon dioxide emission. The plants work by burning fossil fuels and it produces large amount of Carbon Dioxide. Also, Vehicles is one of the causes of global warming. In addition, deforestation is also a cause of global warming. Trees can take in CO2 from atmosphere and it releases oxygen. Moreover, Increase in Sea level is also a reason. Earth is warming so ice is melting and it increases the water levels. However the ice caps are made of freshwater and if it mixes with ocean the eco system be imbalance. Also when ice caps will make sea to expose to the sun and this will make earth hot (Global Warming and Carbon
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