Testing PH for Acidity

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The nature of this acidic environment The world around us is composed of all acids and bases including the ones in air and water. As humans, we come into contacts with acids and bases each day. For example, vinegar, lemon juice and vitamin C are acids that are used everyday. Testing the pH is important at it determines whether the substance is a strong or weak acid/base. Indicators such as methyl orange, bromothymol blue and litmus are examples of indicators that are used to test the pH of swimming pools as acids from the human body and acid rain could change the pH in the pool. Also, they are used to test the pH of aquarium water and ensure that the pH doesn't exceed or fall below the pH ranges that fish can survive in. A typical fish can have better quality life in pH ranges between 7.0 and 8.0. Acidic oxides There are 3 acidic oxide gases that are present in the atmosphere: Carbon dioxide (CO2) Sulfur dioxide (SO2 Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Sources of carbon dioxide Carbon dioxide is a gas which is part of the carbon cycle. The combustion of fossil fuels...

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