Essay On Acids And Bases

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A. Acids and Bases Acids are a material that releases a proton or hydrogen ion (H+). Acids always generate an H+ whenever the solution is aqueous, which can be easily identified. On the contrary, in an aqueous solution involving bases always produce an OH- ion. There are many different ways to identify whether a substance is an acid or a base. An acid is always sour, changes litmus, conduct an electric current, react with a base to form salt and water, and whenever there is a reaction, acids helps advance an hydrogen gas with an active metal, such as the alkaline earth metals, zinc, and many more. Some well known or common acids are citric acid, which are from citrus fruits, such as oranges, lime, and lemons. Vinegar and carbonic acid (soda/soft drinks) are also some common acids. Bases are the opposite of acids. They can be identified by their bitter taste, soapy or slippery feeling, and cannot change the color of litmus. Bases can become red litmus to reverse back to the blue litmus. Similarly, acids and bases conduct an electrical current in an aqueous solution, thus they are...

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