Metal's Reaction with Acid

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Metal's Reaction with Acid

Aim-to discover how much gas is produced when a metal is reacted in


Apparatus-to follow through the experiment I will use the following


Sulphuric acid

Magnesium ribbon

Ice cream tub

Delivery tube with bung

250ml measuring cylinder for gas collection

Conical flask

A very small beaker

A weighing machine

25ml measuring cylinder for acid


Method- below is the method I will use:

· Firstly I will weigh the magnesium for the correct amount, and

measure out the amount of sulphuric acid I wish to use.

· I will place a measuring cylinder filled with water upside down in a

tub also filled with water, and finally I will secure it will a clamp.

Before placing the measuring cylinder under the water I will ensure

that no bubbles of air enter it by covering the opening with


· Here is diagram of my equipment with my chosen amount of magnesium

ribbon kept out of the sulphuric acid in a little beaker.


· Then I will lower the beaker with the magnesium into the acid.

· When the correct amount of magnesium is inside the acid and the lid

is securely fastened, so that no hydrogen can escape, I will begin to

shake the container to make the reaction take place more quickly. It

is important to make sure the measuring cylinder doesn't squash the

delivery tube, because this would cause a build up of compressed gas,

which is very dangerous.

· When I have collected my results I will place them in a table like

the one used below for my preliminary experiment. I will also plot

them on a graph so I can see more clearly any anomalous results and

see whether it appears as I have predicted.

Variables- what I will keep constant to ensure a fair test, what I

will measure, and what will vary as the measurement changes:

Vary (independent variable)

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