Essay On Abortion In Pro Life

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Pro life is when people oppose or don’t support the right to life of an abortion. People that that are pro-life think that abortion is a murder of the fetus, the child inside the woman. Religion also plays a role in abortion. Many religions think that abortion is not a rightful thing to do and some do not allow it. In the encyclopedia of the Global Religion, Maguire says in his section of the encyclopedia that with Christianity for example, the Roman Catholic hierarchy disagrees with the act of contraception and abortion. In most of the catholic countries, birth control was widely used. For example, France was the first country to experience high fertility rates and Italy and Spain had the lowest fertility rates in the world. Most religions might disagree with the act of abortion, but some religions like Hinduism strongly disagree and think it’s an atrocious thing to do. As a Christian, God says in the bible in Genesis 9:5 that murder is forbidden. Pro-choice Christians say that they believe that they have the ultimate say over what happens to their bodies. However, the Bible says that God has the right to say what is right and that he is in control of your body, because our body is God’s temple. Religious groups also use the idea of the soul for their disagreement of abortion. Some groups state that the soul describes the fetus and how it is a human being and it doesn’t leave the body until it is time for its natural death. This means that humans and even soul humans deserve to be treated equally and the same through their development.
While there are many religions in different countries that are against abortion, there are some that highly support abortion. “Abortion is not only permitted, it is, in fact, mandated, as when th...

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...ills are available for younger women now who are 18 and older. Plan B pills and OC pills, which stand for oral contraceptive pills are used to help prevent pregnancy before it even happens. The use of drugs causes the embryo and the product used to be passed through the vagina. A disadvantage of medical abortions is that the medicine and drugs taken might take weeks or even months and woman might go through vaginal bleeding after the first drug. Even though it can be risky to take pills and think that you will be safe from being pregnant, it is important to make sure and go to the doctors to check if you are pregnant right away because the fetus might grow faster than you think. Between the surgical and medical abortion, medical abortions can be safer than the surgical because surgical involves surgical risks, but can take days to know if you are actually pregnant.
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