Essay About Being Thankful

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I think being thankful is very important. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. If you are thankful for things it makes you appreciate them more that way. For example, if I wasn’t thankful for my house than I would seem very greedy because not everyone has a nice house to live in. It's good to be thankful so that you know how lucky you are. There is always something to be thankful for. Im thankful for my grandparents, my family and my dog. I am so thankful for my grandparents. They love and care for me so much in their own ways. My grandma Bev plays Gin Rummy with me whenever she visits. Usually she comes down during Thanksgiving, and we make Thanksgiving dinner together with my mom, and my dad just eats the food while we make it. My grandma makes great gravy and cranberry sauce. My grandma Frieda and grandpa Larry like to watch golf and the cooking show with me. My grandma Frieda cooks and bakes with me and always gives me baking supplies. My grandpa Larry when I was little used to give me Piggy-Back rides but i'm too big now. My grandparents never forget any of my birthdays, ever. My grandma Bev has given me a silver dollar every birthday that i've had. I love my grandparent so much and I am very thankful for them. My family is the most important thing…show more content…
She is always there for me. Every time I come home from school she greets me. I love her so I can’t even explain. She somehow knows when i’m sad because she always cheers me up by bringing over her rope to me and we play tug- a war. But if she knows i’m sad and don’t want to play, she will just lay next to me silently and never leave my side. She sleeps with me every night or on my beanbag. On the weekends she watches TV with me or I will take her on a golf cart ride. She is very smart because I don't even need to say the word “walk” for her to know that we are going on a walk. I am so thankful for her ,and my life would be very different without her in
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