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Everyone has a special place that people will never forget. Sometimes it is because there were places that people experienced great joy or comfort. A special place represents peoples’ special memories either good or bad. Memory will following people whole life, and store people’s heart deeper. Good memory will coming all time. My special place and my memory is my grandparent’s house; my grandparent’s house practically is my second home. I would never forget that special place because of things going on my grandparent’s house, which is symbolized by my grandparent’s love.
In my memory, my grandparent’s house looks lively and surrounded by garden. The front door of the house was connected with the gate of the garden by cobblestone. Along both …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that a special place represents peoples' special memories either good or bad, and stores people’s heart deeper. they would never forget their grandparent's house because of things going on there.
  • Describes how their grandparent's house looked lively and surrounded by garden. the garden was bordered by a bamboo hedge, with unknown brushwood and unknown trees shading the path.
  • Recounts how they loved the family party in their grandparent's house during spring, and how the flowers brought them together.
  • Describes how they lived in their grandparent's house at age 12, and learned to enjoy being close to nature. they ran around and caught fireflies, handcrafting the softer net after being caught.
  • Explains that their grandma taught them how to plant peas, and corn in the field. they appreciate famers because they know how hard to plan corn and how many time spend on it.
  • Explains that they were raised by their grandparents, who spent the most of their time on them compared to other cousins.
  • Opines that their grandparents' unconditional love reinforced their grandchildren's sense of security and self-value.
  • Narrates how they learned from their grandparents that responsibility is more than just being accountable for their mistakes.
  • Opines that they appreciate everything their grandparents did for them. they also appreciate their parents because they provide a conformable living environment and don't give them the pressure of financial.

I have a lot of cousins; therefore I am not the only grandchild for my grandparents. However, I was the only one that was raised by my grandparents. They spent the most of their times on me compared to my other cousins. For example, I slept with my grandma when I was young. Because of my body was weak, and my hands and feet usually cool all night, my grandma always held my hands and feet to make my body warm. She was told me fairy-tales or real stories at night when I was sick, because she wanted me to feel better. When I was little girl, on the family trip, grandpa always carried me, because he didn’t want me to walk too long. Living without the parent, it made me sad but my grandparents given too much love on …show more content…

The air is really fresh, and the wind is comfortable. Grandma usually opened the window during the daytime; I still remembered that feeling when the sunshine came in house and scatter. I walking among those numerous grand trees and admire colored leaves on the trees and on the ground. I miss that feeling of calmness and stability of the world around. I wish I could return the reality of those feelings once more. Memories in mind and never forget about happiness of staying in my grandmother’s house. Grandparent’s time-honored gift to their grandchildren is their unconditional love, unfettered by schedules, routines or commitments. They reinforced their grandchildren’s sense of security and self-value.
I have asked my grandparent: “why are you take care of me for my parents”? My grandma answers me: “it is my responsibility”. During my childhood, I had been living with my grandparent, and I was really happy. However, the most important thing I learn from my grandparents, which is responsibility. The concept of responsibility is more than just being accountable for your mistakes; it involves being accountable for your actions, both to yourself and to others. When people are not willing take responsibility for person actions, the road to successful will becomes

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