Entrepreneurship Skills

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Entrepreneurship is by far the largest field contributing to the world’s economics. In terms of whether entrepreneurs are born or made, my pick would be that entrepreneurs are made. I don’t agree on the idea of entrepreneurship skills are genetic. For people who inherit family business or maybe an empire, those skills are learnt when they were growing up, watching their family members running the business. Being a risk taker sure is something that is just within ourselves but for a person to be able to detect opportunities and the ways of tackling those opportunities are something that meant to be learnt in classroom. Even in schools and universities, these skills are not just been taught theatrically but also the practicality. Students are encouraged to practice their entrepreneur skills before competing in the real world. Learning the basic rules on starting up a business and also getting the chance to run a small business in the institution gives the person a whole new level of exposure which is not something that a person is born with. Furthermore, students are able to widen their network in universities which could come as a big hand when they’re starting their own business in the future. Plus, one of the main key points in learning entrepreneurship skills, a person is able to detect within himself whether he has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Research has shown that education does have a lasting effect on students which means that the skills that they have learnt in the classroom are proven to be used in long-term. For an individual who grows up having a family business is a plus point as he will get to absorb certain skills in entrepreneurship. However, entreprenuial skills are meant to be learnt and the idea of ... ... middle of paper ... ... that takes a certain amount of time to learn in order to identify certain entrepreneurial skills that need to be applied in the business itself. She admits that she inherits her boldness form her father but she had to learn how to use the quality for the business at the right time. This clearly shows that entrepreneurs are more likely made rather than born. Education offers a huge advantage. Entrepreneurial skills are not purely genetic, it is something that needs to be observed and learnt in order to practice it in the real game. Most of the entrepreneurs gain their skills through experience which is also a good source for learning. It is no doubt that some people are born with certain skills such as adaptive thinking and seeing reality with positive spin but these people also need to learn on how to practice those skills in entrepreneurship at the right time.
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