Advantage Of Entrepreneurship In Education

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Introduction With escalating population and job scarcity, schools in India are considering alternate skills that would be beneficial to children when they grow up. One such aspect under consideration is entrepreneurship. Considering the number of successful entrepreneurs in India and the subsidized schemes that are provided by the government to set up a business; it is only fitting that a large number of students would be self employed in the future. So, teaching entrepreneurship would seem to be a logical solution to get the children interested and ready for the future. However, can entrepreneurship really be taught to anyone? If so, is it best to be introduced at the school level? Entrepreneurship is more of an attribute than a skill that…show more content…
The morals and values that are taught at a young age last forever. It is important to imbibe in them the values of honesty and integrity. A lot of people forget these values when they are exposed to monetary benefits. There is an entire branch that studies the dark side of entrepreneurship – when people make money at the essence of other people’s lives. Even treating an employee with dignity and respect goes a long way in creating a successful business. Advantages of teaching entrepreneurial skills at school 1. More time to learn – When children are introduced to entrepreneurship at a young age, they have more time to experiment and learn about the various aspects, than would a person going through mid life crisis. Even the little mistakes they make today could help them a long way when they start something new in the future. 2. Maintain Enthusiasm – Children are always enthusiastic in their activities. It is highly rare for a child to say no to doing something. This ‘can do’ attitude can help them achieve more. Also, the amount of investment required for a child to start a new venture is typically way less than the capital that would be required for a proper start up. Children should be encouraged to start new ventures or do-it-yourself projects. This would enable them to be
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