Learning How to Write Effectively

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Throughout this essay I have learned more than I have in my four years of high school English. Being able to learn so much information in such a little time was amazing to me. I learned different kind of rhetorical styles to write in, what each ones purpose is, how to have online discussions with other peers and lastly I learned how to improved my writing skills in general.
A major lesson that I learned was to use different rhetorical styles when writing to help make your paper make more sense and seem more together. There are tons of different types of rhetorical styles that you can add to a paper but the ones that I enjoyed using this semester were clear, swift or sweet. I loved writing in a clear style because it was simple and did not take a lot of thought process. I also liked swift styles because it was short and to the point. The sweet style is something that I actually enjoyed writing in because it was something to please other people and not just myself. Another type of style that I loved to write with was comparison. I liked writing comparison papers because it gave you not only one subject to write about but two, which would make it easier to come up with information to write about. Logos, Pathos and Ethos are always throughout my essays and I have always tried to put at least one of two in every paragraph I write in my papers.
When writing for specific purposes it always helps to pick certain rhetorical styles that go along with your subject. When I would decide to write about something personal I would make sure to use Pathos to get the hearts of my readers. I tend to use this strategy the most because it is something that happened to come easy to me. Whenever I would have to write about something I research I woul...

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...o do with a topic I enjoy talking about, other than that I hate having to go on the internet and search for good resources to add to my paper.
In the end, this semester has really helped me out with my writing skills. It opened my eyes to the simple fact that writing does not always have to be miserable and boring. Having the right subject to write about can make or break your attitude about the papers you have to write, personal ones were never something that I would dread to write. Learning how to incorporate rhetorical styles into my papers really did help spice them up and make them more interesting. The online discussions showed me how to be more outgoing and reach out to other people to help edit my paper and return favors in the end. Over all this English class has changed my outlook on English in general and really did help me enjoy it a little bit more.
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