Emotions and Feelings

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In this unit, we have been talking about emotions. We graphed our emotions every hour for one day. We did a fourteen hour day. Then, we gave our emotions a rating. If it was a good emotion, we would give it a +1 through a +10. If it was not a good feeling, then we would rate it from -1 to -10. Our lowest emotions would be at -10 and our highest at +10. I had different emotions during the hour, and I realized that I could have a lot of different emotions in just one day.
The highest emotion that I plotted on my graph was feeling relieved. The event that triggered this emotion was that I had gotten three tests over with and I was glad that I had gotten them done. I was also happy because I thought they were easy. This emotion got a +7 on my graph because it was one of the highlights during my day. It was at 12:00 P.M., during science. Feeling relieved is one of the best emotions that I can feel, because it feels like I got a lot of weight off my shoulders.
The lowest emotion I plotted was being exhausted. This got a -8 on my graph. It was at 9:00 at night, and I had a big day and was tired from it. I was getting ready for bed at this time. I wanted to go to bed but I still had a little bit of homework to do. Being exhausted is not a good emotion, but it is still healthy for you to feel them. You need to get more rest if you are exhausted a lot, because eventually your body is not going to process your feelings and emotions as well. Us kids need to get lots of rest.
For about 71% of my day, I was positive. Some of my positive emotions included joyful, relieved, interested, optimistic, confident, happy, and satisfied. I had 29% of bad emotions. Some of my bad emotions were tired, b...

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...nd caring towards other people is practicing good social health. Being trustworthy and dependable is really good, and also asking for help when you need it is good. You should express your true feelings and support the people that you care about to make the right choices. Good social health is important for your life with your friends and family.
Doing this unit on emotions and feeling made me realize that I have lots of different emotions. Doing the emotion chart and graph also made me realize that my mood change change and that I can have a good part of the day and a bad part of the day. I can make a negative situation into a positive one if I really try. Part of doing this really helped me learn about emotions and feelings and how they affect our daily lives. Your health is a big part of how you live, and we all need to be cautious about our health.
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