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ntroduction Children between the ages of five and ten are most likely to develop in a slow manor and are often times based off of their experiences. The way they handle certain situations often determines how they develop emotionally and socially. Being exposed to different environments and individuals can also play a role in a child’s development. Emotionally and socially, it is important for children to develop in order to mature and age effectively. It is important for children to develop socially and emotionally in order to create skills that will prepare them for adulthood. How they are in the future is determined by how they grow up to be and the experiences they build to make them better people. A lack of social and emotional development…show more content…
Emotional Development In order for a child to properly develop emotionally they must have the skills and support to do so. Emotional development consists of: being able to discuss their feelings when they are feeling sad, angry, upset, frustrated, etc. These different emotions should be released and reassured when a child experiences something that changes their mood or emotion. For example, when a child is upset that a loved one has died, they should be comforted and be able to express their feelings without feeling judged. Gains in representation, language, and self-concept help assist in the development of emotions in early childhood (Berk & Meyers, 2016). These different factors can help children express themselves and assure they are releasing their emotions rather Mary Freeman: Mary Freeman: DEVELOPMENT IN EARLY CHILDHOOD 3 than holding them in. Holding in emotions can be unhealthy for children, adolescents and adults. Emotional competence is vital for successful peer relations and overall mental health (Berk & Meyers, 2016). This exemplifies the importance of children expressing themselves because it can then lead to mental health issues in their adolescent and adult years. Being able to…show more content…
Internalizing emotions can lead to long term mental health issues, often times worse than aggression. In early childhood, aggression is typically the first step and then can lead to other diagnosis. Aggression should be addressed and properly taught and properly managed by parents and peers on how to release it in order to prevent mental health diagnosis. When these young children internalize this aggression, they can potentially ruin relationships and result to social isolation. This can hinder the child's development and they will not grow and have skills to deal with future problems. Intervention Children who experience behavior problems is typically because they lack the emotional development in their environment and system's around them. An approach to improvement is observed to be positive parenting correlated with improvement in observed child negative behavior (Burton, Gardner, & Klimes, 2006). As a future social worker, when addressed with these problems, it is crucial to tackle them early to prevent future diagnosis. Social workers can provide resources and services to children who are experiencing behavior problems. Home-based DEVELOPMENT IN EARLY

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