Vygotsky's Impact On Development And Child Development

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Over time, there has been an expansion in our knowledge of the ways in which humans develop and learn. It is now known that babies are beginning to learn even before they are born. I often find myself wishing I had known these things when my children were developing. We all want our children to be the best that they can be; with some knowledge of how children learn and the sequential steps they must go through in many areas of development, we can provide many experiences at home to help them reach their potential. When educators discuss children 's development, they usually talk about physical, mental, social, and emotional development.
Vygotsky argued that learning impacts development and much of children’s learning takes place during play.
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They develop a trust or mistrust of others. As toddlers, they learn to be proud of their accomplishments and state their opinions and desires. As they become preschoolers, children learn to separate from their parents and adjust to the school environment. They begin to participate in classroom activities. They learn to take turns solving conflicts by using words. They start to learn how to control their emotions and admit to their mistake. They develop confidence in themselves and learn to love themselves. You can help your children by encouraging them and showing your faith in their abilities. Having confidence in yourself are critically important to future success in school and in…show more content…
Of all the theories that I have learned about, this one engages the best with my own views. Vygotsky theory puts the teacher in the role of a mentor. To me teaching is mentoring, and mentoring is helping. The idea of scaffolding, or helping a child attain and identified goals representing the ideal way to help a child achieve true learning.
Why I think Vygotsky sociocultural, theory work best in childcare development is that children work best in small group; there are many opportunities to incorporate individual work as well. The individual work can also be used as assessments. A child working alone will show the teacher what she actually knows, and how much their development has improved. It exposes students to different ways of thinking and higher standards, which in turn lead to greater accomplishments. Finally, yet importantly this theory will produce well-rounded, confident individuals who grow into high producing
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