The Importance Of Punishment In Child Development

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According to Parenting Without Punishment: A Humanist Perspective part one written by Leaon F Seltzer discusses the scientific evidence against disciplining a child physically is indisputable. In others words, corporal punishment in a child development can affect the child’s growth. Not only is beating a helpless, dependent child morally questionable, it is also repeatedly been shown to be counter-productive. However, corporal punishment leads the child to do the wrong things because its showing harmful to the child’s sense of self and can damage its inflicts on the child. In addition to that, resent surveys were given to many parents about corporal punishment and two thirds of the parents responded saying, they approve on those actions. Also,…show more content…
That also affects the child academic performance as well. Another example Seltzer mentions was corporal punishment leads to increased aggression, which in this case the child is disruptive or destructive in different setting like school and other occasions. Moreover, the child later on in life is correlated with drugs and alcohol abused. In the ending of the article, Seltzer discusses that non-corporal forms of punishment are not the answer either. If the child is still given aggressive response, rather its manipulating, yelling, reprimanding, threatening or verbal reactions to the children’s misbehavior, it can have a significant negative consequence on the child’s mental and emotional development. Seltzer gives ways for a parent to use less negative response when approaching a child bad behavior, for example; more respectful of the child in letting them know in advance which specific behavior that is bad to do, carried out unemotionally and finally, more appropriate with the unacceptable behavior. Even though these are still punishment, however the child will receive the message that these performances are not wrong but

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