Authoritative Parenting Style Essay

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Children will always gain support from their parents, but it is a matter of knowing what kind of support their parents give them. Authoritative parenting style is usually parents who sit down with their children and help them solve a problem. In Guidance of Young Children by Marian Marion, state how authoritative parenting style is a high demandingness and high responsiveness. Parents give a positive approach to their children. It is an example of a full house moment where parents sit and talk to their children from wrong to right. Children feel secure and safe when their parents show positive signs of being good parents. For example, Marion explains how parents can show care ness by not hurting their children and showing respect. It helps to communicate well among parents and children.
Emotions is a huge part in a child’s life because it is a way they feel about themselves and others. In the article Social competence of elementary-school children: Relationships to maternal authoritativeness, supportive maternal responses and children’s coping strategies by Chan (2010) mentions positive parenting helps children to regulate their emotions. It helps to regulate children emotions with themselves, parents, and others. Chan (2010) explains how one way it helps children to regulate emotions is by parent acceptance, especially with mothers during
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Children will cope with the negative comments rather than listening to any positive comments. Parents have to demonstrate their acknowledgement but it also be based on cultures (Yaman et al. 2010). Western families are a culture that shows to be authoritarian parenting style because that is the way they have been taught (Yaman et al.
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