Electrical Engineering and Music

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Electrical engineering is a field that majorly involves the use of technology in the designing, developing, and testing electrical devices. Majors in electrical engineering focuses on the physics of electricity and magnetism, analysis and design tools of engineering, and circuits and system mathematics. If one takes a course in engineering, they are trained on how to design and make products, which are safe and can enhance human life. This course is not popular to many for it is very demanding and involving; therefore many beginners feel that they are not prepared. As a result, many joining the course find it challenging hence a large number end up dropping (Dan, 55). In order to solve such issues, the idea of using of concepts from popular disciplines like music in engineering was adopted.
Music is an artistic discipline commonly loved and enjoyed by a big population unlike other disciplines. Many prefer to pursue courses in areas they are comfortable and enjoy dealing with. Music and musical concepts are familiar areas of study unlike disciplines like engineering, physics or mechanics. Music is enjoyable and nearly all people have experienced music in their own way. it is a wide field of study, which is related to many other disciplines in different ways.
Like other areas of study music and engineering are related in that, many of musical instrument require engineering knowledge in their designing. Music is majorly on transmission of sound and for that to happen engineering knowledge is required (Smith103). Due to these relations and the popularity of music, it has been incorporated in other disciplines for different to increase their popularity. For instance, the incorporation of musical concepts in unfamiliar disciplines make...

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...he program by students has been stunning. This has been measured by the increased enrollment in the program. Similarly, students’ evaluation scores have consistently been rising showing the success of incorporation in this course. This practice calls for the merging of music and engineering population. This has led to students from different disciplines understanding and appreciating each other. The continued support of electronic engineering by music has been a success.

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