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In today’s competitive world, leadership skills are crucial for both personal and professional development. Leadership is an important function of management which helps an individual or a business to maximize efficiency and to achieve goals. Leadership has different meanings to various authors.Most commonly, leadership is defined as influence, that is, the art of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically toward the achievement of group goals. (Koontz). Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of either formal or informal group in the task of goal setting and goal achievement. A leader is one whose magnetic personality innervates people for some cause. Not by words, but by their actions is the way great leaders influence their followers. They do what they preach.

We all have experienced leadership in our lives. From early childhood in our families to politics and government, and, especially in our work, we all recognize leadership in other people and often in ourselves. An effective leader helps an organization to maximize their efficiency and to achieve goals. A great leader helps our nation in tough times and reunify the country. A parent as a good role model enables their children to grow healthy and become productive adults.

I believe leadership is important to me, my organization and our society in many ways. Leadership plays a vital role in development of both private and public sector. Therefore, it very important to have good leadership skills. Leaders set a direction for the rest of us; they help us see what lies ahead and how to achieve it; they encourage and inspire us. Without a good leadership a group of human beings quickly degenerates into argument and conflict, b...

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...fluenced the thinking, behavior, or development of someone else--LEAD LIKE JESUS. Lead like Jesus is transforming leaders into servant leaders of true greatness.

Relationship leadership theory supports servant leadership. Leaders who practice relationship style management focus on the performance of group members, but also want each person to fulfill his or her potential. In other words, this theory focus upon the connections formed between leaders and followers.

Gita can be seen as a concrete example of Servant-Leadership. Gita is a holy text of Hindus and one of the world’s oldest known text. The manuscript, believed by Hindus represents an early form of the Western theory of servant leadership. In Bharavaad Gita, Lord Krishna’s leadership style fits both the servant-leader and the transformational models of leadership based on situational contingencies.

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