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Heather Leonard Mrs. Gallos English 3 17 November 2017 Around the world there has been big confrontation about what is dress code. Dress code is the guidelines about what is right to wear, what is not, and why it should be worn that way. It is time for people to be told to tell how and why dress codes were created, what the big deal is about them and how they could make it better without getting rid of it completely or going to the extremes. If anyones ever been questioned about what they were wearing please listen, there is more than likely an answer to that. One controversy that is heard about is sexism. It is mainly pointed towards girls than guys because we are seen as “distracting”. Sometimes, it is not what is worn, it is normally about how the guys see the girls. If it is seen that someone sees…show more content…
Imagine a scenario where someone is walking through the hallway and all of a sudden a teacher stops that person and in front of everyone asks if they think what they are wearing is appropriate? It might make one feel like even the most appropriate clothing in their opinion is not good enough for the teachers. Or what if you are wearing a traditional headpiece that is a part of your culture and you are asked to take it off? Not only is that embarrassing for you but it is disrespectful to your ethnicity. It is understanding that there is guidelines but when it is something that is meaningful towards you in a culturistic way, then there should be exceptions. “If these outcomes do not cross over the minds of administrators and schools, these problems will not go away.” (The 3 Biggest Problems With School Dress Codes. “The Odyssey Online.”) In these situations, the focus and understanding has to be on the people too. Wearing something that is part of where they came from, the culture, etc.. and being asked to take it off, is hurtful and rude of

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