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“We cannot forget that reinforcing economic differences drives students further apart when schools should be drawing them closer together.” There are many problems in public schools with no uniforms. The use of school uniforms could eliminate some of these problems. Although school uniforms may take away a child’s individuality, there are more benefits than disadvantages to having school uniforms in public schools because school uniforms lessen the money spent on the latest fashion trends and school uniforms provide a positive school climate.
A school uniform should be a simple outfit. The boys’ school uniform should consist of khaki shorts and a plain, button-up t-shirt. The girls’ school uniform should consist of plain skirts that reach the knees and a plain, button-up shirt. These types of outfits are rather inexpensive and get the job done.
Individuality is an important reason why having school uniforms is a disadvantage. According to the ACLU, school uniforms took its toll on children’s creativity, independence, and individual behavior. During school, the only way a child can portray their individualism is through their clothing. Students cannot freely express themselves in any other form without going through school officials first (ACLU).
Another disadvantage to having school uniforms is that if you have more than one school age child, uniforms may become costly (Occupy Theory). It also becomes costly because you would usually have to buy more than one outfit. You must buy more than one outfit or else you would have to be washing your outfit every day. A third disadvantage to having school uniforms is that children, mainly teens, will keep changing the look of the outfit itself. Many teens do not like the look of themsel...

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... positive and friendly school environment.

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