Domestic Violence Of The United States

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Domestic violence plagues millions of people every day in the United States. Not all domestic violence happens at the hands of a partner, but according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “nearly twenty people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner.” While these statistics are highly alarming, domestic abuse affects not only the abused, but the witnesses, and the abusers. There are not only visible marks that will eventually go away, but most often it is the things that can’t be seen with the naked eye that people should worry about. Between bruises, broken bones, yelling, screaming and just plain fear, it’s no wonder that many of these cases go unreported. We as Americans see violence everywhere, every day. Each time we turn on the TV, the news is telling of yet another shooting or armed robbery. With the advancements of technology we seem to have film crews all around, that jump on the opportunity for their fifteen minutes fame, yet lurking in the shadows is an ugly beast that has reared its ugly head. Some recent cases highly publicized lately are two very talented football players, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson., but these cases were only talked about because Rice and Peterson, are in the spotlight. “Every 9 seconds in the U.S., a woman is assaulted or beaten,” says the NCADV. How many of these cases do people hear about on the news? Not many. The abused person is just too afraid of the repercussions of getting the abuser in trouble. You are more likely to hear about abuse from a friend who is, or has experienced it, or someone has a friend dealing with it. Yet no one wants to interfere or get involved and make things worse for the victims, but these people need advocates! Victims are being... ... middle of paper ... ...f October, is dedicated to bringing awareness to the abuses that are just behind that closed door. The National Domestic Violence Hotline website, has several sources for people who are being abused, or for those who know or think that someone is being abused. The millions of people who deal with this issue have developed several different strategies for helping victims get out of the situation and get the help that they will need to move on with the rest of their lives. If you or anyone you know is in a situation, there is help out there. The National Domestic Violence Hotline, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Joyful Heart Foundation, all have sites that you can visit to figure out what is best for your particular situations. The victims need others to turn the lights on to these issues, so that they don’t have to live in fear any longer.
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