Argumentative Essay : Abusive Relationships

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Abusive Relationships
Abuse has become so common that some people do not realize they are being abused. It is important that this topic is studied because there are many gaps of knowledge to what all an abusive relationship can entail. The goal is to help someone somewhere get out of an abusive relationship before its too late. Whether its emotional or physical abuse, neither is healthy for a person to maintain in. So seeking relationship advice from outside sources, such as popular press articles may be a usual for tool for people who are looking for insight as long as they know to check up on the research involved in the article. This paper will compare and contrast the findings from the article I have chosen to the scholarly research that has been conducted on abusive relationships.
The popular press article I chose is titled How to Spot an Abuser Before It’s too late by Laura Riley. Laura Riley gives nines warning signs towards if a person is in a relationship with an abusive person. In her years of research she has found that most abusers do not use words to deal with problems. They tend to lash out by hitting someone or something. She explains this as infantile behavior. Another sign she gives is if a person is very possessive. This is how abusers obtain control of their partner by pushing them away from friends and family and normal everyday activities. Another sign is jealousy. Abusers tend to be very insecure so they get overly jealous when their partner talks to the opposite sex. She also has analyzed that if your partner reiterates that you’re the only one for them. The abuser has you on a very high pedestal, so once you disappoint them it gives them all the more reason for them to lash out on you. Another sign is if th...

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...ediately. A relationship is never be easy going the entire time. Arguments do happen, but in positive and healthy relationships neither party should ever use physical force to get what they want. Healthy relationships involve mutual respect in contrast to unhealthy relationships when the abuser uses violence to solve every problem. Abusive relationships can go undetected until it is too late. There are many reasons why both men and women stay in abusive relationships. Victims stay with their abusers because they are mentally dependent, and afraid for their lives. Also, if children are involved, they don’t want them to be without a father. Furthermore, learning about the Social Learning Theory, we need to stop the violence before it becomes a pattern in the family. If this behavior continues, an on-going cycle of violence could easily carry on for generations to come.
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