Solutions to the Problem of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is skyrocketing in our society. In the U.S., as many as 1.5 million women and 850,000 men were physically assaulted by their intimate partner last year, and numerous children abused by their parents. These sad criminal acts will continue to grow in our society, unless our community takes action to stop these crimes. First of all the most important tool we have available against this type of crime are the authorities, which include the police department, hospital, and social workers. If they manage to work together as a team to make the whole process of protecting a victim more efficiently, it will encourage victims to actually phone for help. It is believed that over half of the abuses remain unreported due to the fear of the victims from their intimate partner who has committed the crime. If such crime is reported in a western country, the offender would be arrested by the police department until a clear picture is made of the happenings. In addition, the victim, which is usually the wife of the offender, would be brought to a safe place were she would receive medical attention and can talk to someone (a women), since the best method of digesting such tragedy is to share it with someone that can listen and give advice. Safe places are established in many modern countries such as Switzerland, but unfortunately this is not the norm in all parts of the country, since it is not law yet. Such safe houses are essential in aiding the sufferers, since t...

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