Persuasive Essay On Sexual Assault

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What is sexual assault? Sexual assault is, “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape” (Sexual Assault).
Sexual assault is something very serious and dangerous and can mess a person’s life up both physically and mentally. Females are feeling unsafe on the grounds of places were they are going to get an education to make a dream come true. Why should they feel unsafe and why should they have to worry about being a target. Also many people need to realize how big of an issue this is and it shouldn’t be brushed under the
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As a fellow young lady in college at the moment I don’t want to think about or worry about being attack or my friends too. College is a school were people should feel safe to go to. I’m on the side with other girls who want actions to be taken to help make it a main problem and make it a better law.
Since sexual assault is a big deal and very important and people need to be more aware about it and how young ladies are affected by it. Did you know, “The most recent reports show that 16 forcible sexual assaults were reported at Yale University in 2012, 13 such assaults at UConn and 12 at Connecticut College the same year? In 2011, Yale reported 18 forcible sexual assaults, UConn reported eight and Connecticut College reported four” (Yale, UConn and Connecticut College Have Most Sexual Assaults in State, Reports Show)? One of the reasons I support sexual assault getting noticed on college campuses is because every female or male should feel safe no matter what. If a female or male was sexually assaulted they should feel safe enough to go to someone and tell them what happen and
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4 Providing advocacy and support to survivors and their allies through a coordinated community response effort” (Think S.A.F.E).
Sexual assault needs to be taken seriously and shouldn’t be tossed aside or placed under the rug. When it comes to sexual assault a stand needs to be made. People tend to think the way girls dress and act they are asking for sexual assault and well that is just beyond wrong! There is something called a slut walk and everyone should participate in it. A slut walk is, “A kind of protest march against rape culture, generally led by young women who dress in revealing clothing” (Slutwalk Dictionary Definition). Goodwin college is one of the colleges in Connecticut to hold a slut walk and have girls take a stand and show people that no one asks for a sexual assault to happen so why it is happen and it needs to be stopped and addressed. Take a chance because no one ever knows who can be attacked, it can be someone you know, yourself, your daughter, anyone close to you or just a helpless person. No matter who it is it is still something very scary and something that shouldn’t be
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