Domestic Violence Essay

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The World Filled With Domestic Violence During the 1980s and 1900s, domestic violence was one of the most unreported crimes that involve females and males getting hurt and dying. Kicking, choking, killing, and saying brutal or despise words that could hurt the victims physically or emotionally are considered domestic violence. In fact, many victims are afraid to seek for help. According to “The Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC), women account for approximately 85 percent of all intimate partner violence, with women aged 20-24 at greater risk” (Batten, par.16). Most pregnant women are at risk as well. “But underlying approach is still one that assumes the perpetrators are men and the victims are woman” (Haugen, par. 1). Moreover, both males and females believe that domestic violence is a solution to their issues. Furthermore, domestic violence is mentioned as an important social problem that lack supporters. “So when abusive women request help from domestic violence agencies, they may discover that requests for treatment are dismissed” (Bryfunski, par. 26). Even “The lack of ...

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