Document Analysis: Calendar of State Papers

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Document Analysis: Calendar of State Papers Primary Document used: ➢ Ed. Timings, E.K ‘Calendar of State Papers, James II, Vol 1 Feb-Dec 1685’(London, 1960) Secondary Reading: ➢ Miller, John ‘The Earl of Tyrconnell and James II’s Irish policy, 1685-88’ ( London, 1964) ➢ Simms, J.G ‘ Jacobite Ireland 1685-91’ (London 1969) ➢ Brady, Ciaran ‘ Worst in the game, Losers in Irish History’ (Dublin 1974) ➢ Ó Ciardha, Eámmonn ‘Irish Jacobitism 1684-90’ (Dublin 1984) A primary document is one the most valuable source of information a researcher can get their hands on. It is much more useful than secondary source as it allows you to gain access to the mind and thinking of an individual at the specific time in relation to a decision, that person may have done. A primary document is a recording or other source of information that’s created at the time being studied, by an authoritative source, usually one with direct personal knowledge of the events being described at the time. All source of research within History would be nothing if it did not have primary document detail events, they are the reason why we understand so much about the yesterday years and are treasured goods. In this essay I will be using the Calendar of State Papers volume one. These hold the state papers of King James II from the time of February to December 1685. The book contains sets of letters and papers, letter books, petitions and miscellaneous regarding King James II at the time of 1685. The entire book will not be used in the document analysis, but the letters that were used to communicate with Richard Talbot will be the source of the Document analysis. Before the 1680’s King James who was then known as James Duke of York, became friends with Talbot when they spent time in Belgium due to difficulties back at home in Ireland and England. The friendship that was between was very strong which resulted in the in thrust between the two men and saw Richard Talbot heritage the title of Earl of Tyrconnell on 7 May 1685.[1] When Richard was made Earl of Tyrconnell it was only a matter of time until he was going to replace the then viceroy, Clarendon, who at the time was quite unpopular with King James II.

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