Why Francis Bacon Is the Most Likely Candidate Responsible for the Sheakespearean Plays

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Why Francis Bacon Is The Most Likely Candidate
Responsible For The Shakespearean Plays.

Francis Bacon is the most likely candidate. He fits the time period, had the power, writting background and a secret hierarchy group of literary writers. Francis Bacon was born in 1561 and he died in 1626. The first Folio of Shakespear was released in 1623. The first play was written around 1589-1591. This puts Bacon within the time period to be responsible for the plays. Unlike Shakespeare or Edward de vere. Shakespeare died in 1616 and the highly edited folio was released 7 years after the death of Shakespeare. Similarly Edward de Vere died in 1604 and was not around to do the extensive editing that had taken place by the time of the first folio. If it was edited by others who were not in charge of the plays I concede that this would have been Plagiarism and disrespecting an authors work shortly after their deaths. Whom I believe they respected and would not have done unless they were a part of the work.

Francis Bacon was an Attorney General and a Lord Chancellor under King James. The Lord Chancellor is the Second most powerful man in the country. Unlike William Shakespeare who in those times was a lowly actor looked down upon by the aristocratic class and it is contested whether he even had the education to even write at all, let alone what are considered to be the greatest literary works of all time. He also lacked the experience to write so well of things he never could have known no matter how smart, it would have taken personal experience to write on various topics so well. Legalese terms for example and the Inner workings of Royal Courts which a lowly actor could not have known. While Edward de Vere certainly had some power...

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...e Vere's postition in the government. On Shakespeare online, "They dedicated the Folio to the Earls of Pembroke and Montgomery." (Mabillard, Amanda). These were some of the some of the men that were a part of the Knights of the Helmet. The final blow I believe is Northumberland Manuscript which was owned by Francis Bacon Himself and his personal writings. In it is notes of him writing Shakespear in different forms along with his own name.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that francis bacon fits the time period, had the power, writting background, and a secret hierarchy group of literary writers.
  • Explains that francis bacon was an attorney general and a lord chancellor under king james — he was the second most powerful man in the country.
  • Compares the works of francis bacon and edward de vere.
  • Explains that de vere maintained a band of tumblers as well as two theater companies, oxford's boys and oxford’s men. the former company played at the blackfriars theater in london.
  • Explains that francis bacon's knights of the helmet was a secretive literary group, which he was the head of.
  • Posits that sir fransis bacon was responsible for the shakespearian plays, which included edward devere. he wanted to educate and expand the minds of the masses.
  • Explains the name of the theatre where the plays took place was called lord chamberlain's men. the northumberland manuscript was owned by francis bacon.
  • Describes the works of george goldstein and anniina jokinen in luminarium: anthology of english literature.
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