Do You Believe in Aliens?

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Have you ever seen an alien in your backyard? Me either, but it could happen. The question most humans would like to know is do they really exist. Astronomers estimate that there are about 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Outside that, there are millions upon millions of other galaxies also. If there are 100 billion sun-like stars in the galaxy, and 100 billion galaxies in the Universe, there may be 10 billion trillion planets that could possibly support life. Earth can’t be the only one lucky enough to do so, or could it? To some people, they believe aliens do exist, also that our nation knows more about it than they think we do. For example, On June 14th 1947 Roswell New Mexico became known for the Roswell UFO Incident. Years ago there was a UFO had crashed down. Rapidly, the Roswell Army was notified and intimately cleaned up. Afterwards word got out to the public and questions were being asked. To protect the people the government claimed there was not a UFO and that it was simply an air craft that had lost control. Days after the incident a local rancher by the name of William Brazel had found odd debris near his land. When crumpled up, the material would unfold itself and lay flat as if never touched; it was reported to be similar to tin foil. Bewildered, Brazel contacted sheriff, George Wilcox. Soon after the case was closed and remained untouched for the next 30 years. In 1978 ufologist Stanton T. Friedman investigated the case; he consulted Jesse Marcel, who was involved in the Roswell recovery. Marcel revealed how the government was trying to cover what had taken place that late night in Roswell. During an interview Marcel also states that there was a mili... ... middle of paper ... abductee’s say it feels as if they could go blind. When this light appears above them people recorded that they loose all sense of control and after that is when they don’t remember anything. After hypnotizing over dozens of abductees, something they all have in common is what they did with the aliens all in the same order. First they’re greeting then examined on, then having a conversation (telepathically) with the aliens followed by a tour. I’ve seen pictures of scars aliens have left on human flesh from taking a skin sample; it’s a small scope like indent. Have you now. I believe there are aliens that exist. In my opinion it’s ignorant to not believe in something in our universe. Our solar system is enormous and holds something mysterious. It’s just a matter of time until either the aliens make them selves known or the government comes clean.

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