Roswell Conspiracy

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What really happened over the summer in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico? People have debated this topic countless times. Despite all of the deviations of what happened, there is a general timeline. Sometime during the months of June and July 1947, an aircraft landed in Mac Brazel’s ranch; Brazel proceeded to tell Sheriff George Wilcox. He sent a member of the Roswell Army Air Field base to look at the wreckage on Brazel’s ranch. This person took some of the debris back to the base for further inspection. On July 8, 1947, the newspapers published stories about how someone found a flying saucer in New Mexico. However, the government told the newspapers to report that it was merely a weather balloon that had crashed. After that, everybody simply accepted the story and dropped the topic. Throughout that story, many pieces of evidence went untold to the media. There were numerous pictures that went unreleased. Many affidavits went unnoticed and nobody paid attention to inconsistencies in the government’s justifications. Because of explicative photographs, several eyewitness accounts, and contradictory government explanations, there is extensive proof that the government concealed an alien landing in Roswell, New Mexico. There are many detailed, certified photos that disclose evidence that there was a spacecraft crash in Roswell in 1947. One vital photograph was of the Ramey memo. The Associated Press took this photograph on July 8, 1947, six days after the alleged sightings. Brigadier General Roger Ramey was looking over the apparent debris from the crash with Colonel Thomas Dubose. A slip of paper hung out of Ramey’s pocket in this photograph. Due to technological advancements, the paper is mostly legible. Computers ha... ... middle of paper ... ...ary knew about the crash and that they were going to transport the wreckage to another military base. Many eyewitness accounts with similar details eliminate the possibility of merely a single person making up the entire event. The government’s contradictory reports demonstrate that their knowledge of the incident is dynamic and dependent on how they want the people to react. This matter is important because it raises the possibility that if the government is hiding information from the public about a spacecraft accident, there may be other incidents where the government is concealing the truth from the public. Despite the government’s best attempts to cover up the Roswell incident, eyewitness accounts from the common person validate the idea that an unidentified flying object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and eternally changed the lives of several people.

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