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Have you ever wondered if aliens could abduct you? The controversy surrounding alien abduction has been most prevalent since the 1960s when claims of abduction were becoming popular. A few incidents were reported earlier but weren’t given any credibility in the 60s and 70s.
But is it fact or fiction? Could you become an alien experiment?
Scientists that study this paranormal activity believe that this does happen. They are convinced of this through UFO sightings, the testimony of abductees, and the physical and psychological examination of abductees. Various studies have confirmed to these scientists that something extraordinary has happened to these individuals. Falsifiability was the critical thinking skill used. Very detailed reporting of surgical techniques were …show more content…

No, but to this day, insists it was cured, and the amputation was a total mistake. This woman believes that this happened and can express the incident in extremely fine detail, but it is obvious to her doctors and lawyers that it was something conceived subconsciously as test results of neurotic tissue was examined post-operatively, which is Credibility Conclusion.
There has been much debate in the paranormal scientific community as to the validity of alien abduction. Very little support has been given from most “mainstream” scientist. Their explanation of this complex theory is that, in fact, a psychological in origin, rather than real, and has conducted research that claimed their presence at the onset of such abductions, the subject did not physically disappear.
So is this alien abduction phenomenon real? Perhaps if there was more intensive examination of subjects who claim to have been abducted, complete exploratory of the pelvic region for evidence of intrusion, or actual witnessing, including recordings of an individual being vacuumed into the alien craft, move hard evidence could conclude that this is in fact, true. Until then, alien abduction, shall remain a

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