Is Divorce Really the Only Option?

Is it the modernized way of thinking, not finding the ones true love, or is it just the simple fact of “I don’t want to be with you anymore?” Does the problem of divorce go deeper than what appears on the surface? Today in the United States 40 to 50% of marriages fail(Doherty 1). The number of Americans getting a divorce has almost tripled in the past 3 years, so what’s the problem? More importantly what problems can this issue create? Through multiple trial and error research examinations, researchers concluded that parental divorce is associated with multiple problems for youth that extend well into adulthood, and has long lasting effects on their ability to sustain future relationships. So what really causes people to get divorced rather than the pathetic excuse of not being happy? Will there ever be a solution to this ongoing problem, or will America fall deeper and deeper into sin?

It is without a doubt that as long as the earth has existed and there have been people to inhabit it, there has always been trouble within the family relationships. Since the 1960’s, America has witnessed a precipitous increase in marriages ending in divorce(Marquardt 26). The entire generation of today’s young adults has been affected some way shape or form by the lasting effects of a parental divorce. A young man, who does not identify himself with any said religion, was observed after his parents’ divorce.

“Well in theory the commandment makes a lot of sense to me, but if your mother and fathers are not honorable people, then they don’t deserve to be honored. My father doesn’t think about the people who rely on him. He had a child, and he didn’t find a way to honor his commandments to them”(Marquardt 26-27).

There’s no hiding from the ...

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