Discovery Through Dance

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Discovery Through Dance

Movies with dancing have always been a big success, simply because they cause people to want to move and be free like the actors on the set. Dirty Dancing, directed by Emile Ardolino, is a movie that makes people want to jump into the screen and be a part of the show. It is a favorite among teenage girls simply because of the kind of dancing that is performed. Another movie, Save the Last Dance, directed by Thomas Carter, is also well liked by teenage girls because of the dance moves. These two movies portray similar stories of girls finding happiness through expression of different kinds of dancing.

Dirty Dancing is a movie portraying the story of a young girl who finds herself while staying at a resort with her family for the summer. The girl’s name is Baby, which describes her character at the beginning of the story. She is a daddy’s girl, and is very trusted by her parents. After some run-in’s with her new friends at the resort; however, her parents start to see a new side of her. Baby secretly learns to dance so she can save a friend’s job. She eventually falls in love with her partner Johnny, which leads to him getting fired from the resort. At the end, during the farewell dinner, Johnny ends up surprising her and making her dance in front of everyone. Her parents see her new talent, and see how much she has grown-up. Baby and Johnny end up together in the end, which makes for a very happy ending.

Save the Last Dance is also an exciting movie about a girl finding herself through learning a new type of dance. Sarah has always been a ballerina and ends up losing her mom in a car accident while Sarah is trying out for Julliard. She ends up going to live wit...

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...e, and thinks that Derek was the reason that she got hurt in the first place. He doesn’t agree with their relationship and thinks Sarah can find a better guy than Derek. Both girls must go against the wishes of their fathers and simply follow their hearts and do what they feel is best no matter what.

These two movies show how two girls, by learning to dance, also learn to overcome discrimination and simply be themselves. They don’t listen to others around them when they say what they are doing is wrong. They do what they know is right and in the end find themselves through the love of their partners and their new love of dancing.

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