Personal Narrative: My Dance Team

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According to Martha Graham, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” To me, dancing is more than just a hobby, it is my life. My dance team is also more than just a team, it is my second family. Each girl on my team has her own unique personality, but somehow, we all get along well. We are all such good friends and have had to make it through many difficult situations already, but all it has done was bring us closer together. The girls on my team are all caring, talented, and funny.
My friends on dance team are very caring and we all look out for each other. Emily is kind and she always is willing to help someone who does not know the choreography very well. Nobody on the team is nicer than McKenzie. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. She could never get mad at anybody, and is always there for anyone who needs her. McKenzie would never do anything to hurt someone. Mckenzie is also one of the most quiet girls on the team. I recall the only times I heard her talk her first year on the team were when someone would ask her a question. I would say that I am caring as well. I believe this because whenever someone needs help with a dance I am always the first person to volunteer to help. Every girl on my team is caring and we are always there …show more content…

Whenever we are together we act so crazy that people must think we are very weird. Ciara makes the funniest nasty faces. Grace dances like she is insane and pretends to sing opera. Addy never really tries to be funny, but she always gets so confused and it is hilarious. Tristan is the funniest one on the team. She is so outgoing and crazy, that it is hard not to find her hilarious. She does the craziest things that make you laugh so hard that your stomach begins to ache. Sometimes, to be really funny, she runs around and lick people’s elbows until someone notices. My team may act really weird, but I think it is funny and I would not trade them for the

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  • Opines that dancing is more than just a hobby, it is their life. the girls on their dance team are caring, talented, and funny.
  • Opines that emily is kind and willing to help someone who doesn't know the choreography very well. mckenzie is the sweetest person on the team.
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