Down's Syndrome Essay

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There are many life factors that can affect a person’s development and growth these inculde, genetic, biological, environmental ,socioeconomic and lifestyle factors. Genetics is the science of genes, heredity, and the variation of organisms. Also half of our chromosome come from our mother and the other half from your father. The gentic disorders are illnesess caused by the abnormalities in the genes or chromosomes. Down’s syndrome is an example of genetic disorder. Biological disorders are when something is physically wrong with the body or causes problems with the boddy, cancer is an example of biological disorder. These conditios can affect a person’s physical, intelltucal, emotional and social development. Down's syndrome It is a genetic condition. It can cause learning disability and also it can affect your physical features. It can affect your physical appearance and also your ability to learn and develop mentally. Down’s syndrome is a lifelong condition, and it occurs from the from birth. Down’s syndrome happening because a baby inherits an extra chromosome. When a baby is conceived, it inherits genetic substances from its parents. Down’s syndrome happening because of a fault with a chromosome which is called the 21 chromosome. It happens when a child or baby inherits an extra 21 chromosome. The child or adult with down’s syndrome inherits 47 chromosomes instead of 46 and which can affect their physical and mental features. It tends to affect both male and females equally. The people who have Down’s syndrome tend to have many typical physical features which include, they may have eyes which slant upwards, they may have small ears, they might have flat back of head, swollen tongue, small mouth, flattened nose bride, they mig... ... middle of paper ... ...ght feel stressed. They might have to live in unsanitary or overcrowded living conditions. So they are more likely to get illnesess and diseases. They are likely to live in polluted areas. They have an increased risk of dying young. They may feel excluded from the society because of their social class. An individual’s lower social class, gender can affect their job opporunites. Some sports or activities are seen as appropriate for either male or female. A child’s gender can affect the types of toy that given to play with or sports they play at school. The individuals with low income or lower social class are likely to have poor diet and unhealthy life style as they are not able to buy good quality food like others. They are also likely to get so many diseases and illness from that such as diarrhea, obesity, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol.
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