Differences Between The Crucible Book And Movie

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Author Arthur Miller, of The Crucible an excellent job of showing the cruelty of the witch trials. The movie based upon The Crucible, is almost an exact replica of the book. When showing many similarities, it also had some vast differences. These differences don't have much of an effect on the actually story. They are added for dramatic effect and to entice the viewer. Although there are many similarities there are some vast differences. The majority of The Crucible book and movie is very similar. Some of these similarities include, when Abigail and the other girls are in court and they accuse Mary of being with the devil, they yell ‘yellow bird’, also the book and movie showed Reverend Parris’s greed for houses and money. There weren't many differences that one could spot when watching the movie. I would have to say it was one of the most similar movies i've ever seen. These differences include, the movies opening act shows the …show more content…

She says they can leave and be together forever, Proctor refuses then Abigail leaves Salem for good. In the book Abigail simply just leaves Salem without going to see Proctor first. The movie shows her going to see Proctor for a more dramatic effect. There are even some small differences in The Crucible book and movie. Such as, all of the scenes in the book are place indoors whereas in the movie there are many outdoor scenes. Even the number of girls with Abigail in the movie is much larger than the amount of girls mentioned in the book. In conclusion The Crucible book and movie were very much the same and the differences that were present don’t have much of an effect on the viewer. All of the scenes that were added were put there for a dramatic effect. Especially the outdoor scenes in the movie gave a different presence than all indoor scenes would have. Overall, the movie and book were very similar, but the differences added to the movie gave it extra

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