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Comparative Essay
Todd A. Bush
Liberty University – PHSC 210

In today’s day and age, Christians possess a biblical perspective and opinions of the origin of the universe. In the Christian faith, the belief is that God formed the earth and He did it in a matter of six days. The book of Genesis breaks down the creation. The communication gap widens and such reactionary creationist views are labeled as ‘folk science.’ The scriptures and the gospel are consequently dismissed as meaningless” (Greene, 2006). It is awful that many non-believers of the Christian faith allow themselves to be pushed away from the Word of God and the Creator because of the young-earth claims. For those who love science, they find it completely ridiculous. There are many people who see Chiristianity as unscientific and therefore reject any of its claims because they allow their finite minds to be deceived. According to the Word of God, it pinpoints six literal days used to form earth by the hands of almighty God. This formation is found in Genesis 1 and Genesis 5. When it comes to the English Bible, it is based on the Masoretic findings; it concludes that 1,656 years passed from the creation of the flood. The Jewish calendar highlights same-like dates from the 2nd century and it is based on the time of the Genesis Patriarch age. There is a difference that lies within because each held different dates of events to base their theory. The Masoretic text in a translated format …show more content…

The Word of God, however, teaches us that everyone will be judged. The once lost Paradise will be restored and life as we see today will halt for a greater formation of living. The Big Bang holds to the notion that biblical principles do not exist. I came across some facts via a website, the Word of God, and the textbook “The Young

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