Dieting In Laura Fraser's Saying Goodbye To Diet

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Dieting is the eating and drinking process that people who try to lose weight and want to have a nice body. Laura Fraser did a great job by sharing some excellent experiences of losing weight in her studies through her article “Saying Goodbye to Diet”. However, I disagree with some of her points when she said that diets seldom work for people, misinterpreted the evidence that a healthy diet can negatively affect the mind and the physical body, and she also told that having a diet is bad for them. Diet rarely works only when one does not follow and not understand clearly about it, otherwise, it will absolutely benefit for those who tries hard to get what he or she wants. The most understandable example of dieting that makes diet becomes reality…show more content…
It sounds good for everyone, but according to Fraser: “Diet are bad for us”(Fraser 56) and also, she makes a question why the dieting seldom works” (56). The dieter who used to experience the process of dieting usually feels hungry and tends to eat more to recoup what he or she has not eaten during the process. But after a fews days of getting along with the process, one can gradually eat and drink in the dieting program. There are many ways to get into a balance diet; it depends on the schedule of eating, drinking, and working out. It also has specific guides to help the dieters get into the habits of staying healthy. However, there are several kinds of extreme methods that can help those who want to lose weight in a short period time, if the dieter can endure a plan for dieting in eating, drinking, and working out. No pain, no gain. Otherwise, it is definitely fine for those who gradually try to lose weight not by that difficult ways that listed above, but by a lighter way which mean decreasing the amount of exercises or not being rigid tomuch about eating and drinking; and obviously,

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