Fad Diets Essay

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Fad Diets Benefits and Risks The Good and the Bad about Fad Diets What You Need to Know About Fad Diets A Fad diet refers to a very restrictive feeding plan where you eat an unusual combination of foods or with few foods for a short period to so that you can lose weight quickly. These include only weight loss diets that tend to become popular over given period, which could be for decades or several years. Therefore, Fad diets are trendy or fashionable diets that involve reducing food intake to lose weight quickly. The popularity of, most fad diets is pegged on their ability to offer short-term results on losing weight. However, many of them do not provide long-term effects as most people are fed up with the diet and end up over-eating, which…show more content…
These include the following: • Weight Management Fad diets are typically meant to help you in losing weight quickly. The diet delivers results by limiting your food intake and restricting the type of food that you should take. This helps you to look and feel better and most importantly reduces the risks for health problems related to weight such as heart diseases, diabetes as well as other conditions. • Immediate Results The other main benefits of fad diets are that it offers instant results in losing weight, which allows you to feel and look better. This explains why the foods are popular with celebrities as they rely on their looks for better performance. • Antioxidant…show more content…
• Prevents Weight-Related Problems Fads diets deliver immediate results in weight management, which helps in preventing weight-related health issues. This helps in reducing the risks of hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. Risks of Fad Diets Fad diet involves a restrictive diet that requires people to eat unusual food choices, therefore there some risks that are involved. These include: • Inadequate Nutritional Value One of the main effects of fad diets is the inability to meet the body’s nutritional requirements. In most cases, fad diets are unable to meet your body’s dietary needs as they typically designed to enable you to lose weight. This is because the diet plan is restrictive that reduces the intake of foods with essential nutrients or that requires you to eat the same foods day after day. • Promotes Unhealthy Eating Habits Most fad diets do not focus on meeting the nutritional requirements of your body, but on losing weight quickly. This encourages unhealthy eating habits as many people result to restricting their intake of foods that have essential nutrients. In fact, the diet programs are designed to take advantage of the willingness of people to attempt anything to lose weight or feel and look
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