Deutsche Telekom’s Diversity Program

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Change in an organization is inevitable and crucial to its growth, success, and survival. “For years, Deutsche Telekom has been one of the largest vocational training provider in Germany” (Telekom). The company is committed in improving its image and value by generating opportunities and possibilities through greater diversity at a higher organizational level. Their plans to bring more women into management positions includes: increasing their recruits for female university graduates, designating a quota of at least 30 percent for women in leadership roles, expanding its parental-leave programs, introducing more flexible working hours for managers, and extending of the number of available places in company child-care programs. Diversity plays an important role in the workplace. But in order to achieve positive results, it must be employed effectively and efficiently. When an organization takes advantage of their diverse group, the collaboration of various skills from employees is utilized, attaining the goal in a much quicker rate. The “quota” approach that Deutsche Telekom is pursuing has both its benefits and drawbacks. The company’s method is an effort to access as many unique and amazing talents available, developing a better company. According to an interview with Professors Anita Woolley and Thomas Malone, their research shows that “there’s little correlation between a group’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members. But if a group includes more women, its collective intelligence rises” (Harvard Business review). Also by imposing a quota, the company may play a part of counterbalancing the injustice women had faced in the past and avoiding potential lawsuits for gender bia... ... middle of paper ... ... Then and only then, Deutsche Telekom may see positive results and truly become a better company. Works Cited OECD (2013). Education at a Glance 2013: Country note for Germany. Retreived on January 16, 2014. . Robbins, DeCenzo, Coulter. Fundamentals of Managment: Essential Concepts and Applications - 8th ed., 2013 Pearson Simoes, Mariana (09 January 2013). “It May Take Mandatory Quotas To Finally Put Women in Charge.” Business Insider. Retrieved 16 January 2014. com/compulsory-quotas-for-women-2013-1#ixzz2qahFkq00>. Woolley, Anita and Malone, Thomas. Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved on January 14, 2014. 2011/06/defend-your-research-what-makes-a-team-smarter-more-women/ar/pr>.

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